The Congregation of Maronite Lebanese Missionaries: CLMM (informally known as Kreimist or Krayme) was founded at the monastery of the Kreim – Ghosta (Mountain of Lebanon), in the year 1865. This formation was the result of the relentless efforts of Father John Habib (later Archbishop) and numerous dedicated priests. The founding fathers wanted the members of the Congregation to walk the way towards perfection, to work for the spiritual welfare of others, to preach the Gospel, to warn, guide, counsel, and educate for the Glory of God. The Congregation with patriarchal jurisdiction enjoys special consideration from the Patriarch and Bishops. The Congregation numbers at this time: 4 Bishops, 92 Priests, 16 Seminarians, 8 Novices.


The CMLM grew and according to the founders' notes "the people started coming to see the missionaries seeking assistance, counselling and listening to their preaching and guidance. Then the priests went all over Lebanon preaching and hearing confessions... and the people loved them and admired their way of Evangelisation". Our Congregation takes participates in all kinds of missionary work, because "We are in need of mission project", as Father Stephan Kozah, one of the pioneers  of our Congregation and its first General Superior, repeated many times. Archbishop John Habib's wish when he addressed the first members, constitutes a good summary of the Congregation's goals: "The best thing for me that I see you before my death spread as Jesus' disciples around the world and the east, proclaiming the Good News, tolerating the need, persecution, and death out of love for the One who shed His blood for us" (Hebrews 11:26). So, the Congregation of Maronite Lebanese Missionaries is a community working to announce the gospel anywhere, in the east or the west, without hesitation or delay.


The formation of the Congregation is founded on a solid education including human, spiritual, and practical elements. The most important centres of the Congregation are the ones which take care of the preparation of the future missionaries. Their religious, educational, missionary and priestly formation prepare them to be "sheep among wolves" in the midst of the world, seeking the repentance of sinners and the commitment of the believers.
Missionary locations and work

The Congregation of Maronite Lebanese Missionaries exists today in Lebanon and around the world where the Maronites are present.


Current Missions:


* Monastery of Kreim - Ghosta, the Mother House.

* Monastery of Deliverance in Mayrouba.

* Convent of John the Apostle, Jounieh.

* Operate National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, since 1908.

* Apostles College in Jounieh - School from Elementary to High School grades.

* Maronite Orphanage and Cadmus College in Tyre - School from elementary to high school grades.

* Seminary of St. John The Beloved.

In addition, there is an orphanage and school under construction in Edde, Batroun. There is a printing press used for the liturgical and religious publications among them those of the Patriarch and others. Amongst these is the publication of Al Manarat (The Lighthouse), which is a magazine discussing religious topics in depth. There is an associated radio station called "The Voice of Charity" which began broadcasting in 1984. A particular tradition is that one of the Congregation fathers gives an annual retreat for the Patriarch and Bishops.


* Buenos Aires, Argentina: The mission was established in 1901; it includes a parish, a school, a printing press and the publishing of their own journal in Arabic and Spanish.

* In 1931 a mission was set up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it includes a parish and a pastoral centre.

* In 1931 a mission, the Parish and Pastoral Centre, was set up in Johannesburg, South Africa and in 1991 another church was founded in response to the growing community.

* 12 priests are appointed for missionary work in the U.S.A.

* In 1993, a mission started in Sydney, Australia where the priests help in the pastoral work of the Eparchy and in the "Voice of Charity".

All of these places become a second home for the Maronites, as well as for the Lebanese in general. These centres are a place to renew their Christian beliefs and their Lebanese traditions and heritage.






The Congregation of Lebanese Maronite Missionaries (CLMM), informally known as Kreimists, was founded by Rev Father Youhanna Habib in the Valley of Ghosta-Keserwan in Lebanon, in 1865. CLMM is a Congregation of Missionary priests; zealous in their mission and disentangled from all worldly tasks except for the spiritual well-being of the neighbour; preparing themselves and expending their concern with that of serving and as pastoral priests in this strive in utmost importance.

Rev. Father Youhanna Habib established a constitution that serves as a code of conduct under which the missionaries loyally abide to, on both legal and spiritual levels.

Since 1901 the LMM started to spread their Mission outside Lebanon. They are now established in Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, America, Australia and most recently Europe.

The missions of the Kreimists in the various countries are authorised and blessed by the Father Superior who is based in Lebanon. The Missions established overseas, when necessary, receive support in resources and financial relief from the authorities back in Lebanon.


On the 10th of August 1994,"The CLMM" was registered in Australia as a "Community" under the Roman Catholic Church Communities' Lands Act 1942with the corporate name, "The Trustees of the Lebanese Maronite Missionary" .


Current appointments of missionaries in the Maronite Parishes, under the Patronage of the Maronite Bishop of Australia and the management of the CLMM Order, are as follows:

 *   Fr. Maroun Moussa, Superior of the Order in Australia and Parish Priest of Saint John the Beloved Church Mt Druitt N.S.W. and Executive Director of the Voice Of Charity Radio Station 1701 AM.

 *    Fr. Bechara Trad, Parish Priest of St George Church Thornleigh, N.S.W.

 *    Fr. Ihab Chamoun, APP of SJB Church.

 *    Fr. Mansour Younis, APP of SJB Church.

 *  Fr. John Elias Kady, Youth Chaplain/APP of SJB Church and Director of VOC.

 *   Fr. Boutros Samia, APP of St George Church Thornleigh, N.S.W.

The LMM's mission serves the spiritual, social and general education by means of church, community activities and the live broadcasting media: Voice Of Charity (VOC) a Christian Radio Station. The Kreimist priests serve in several parishes and work with conformed mission incentives towards unified objectives unanimously. Their work is planned out for all the parishes they serve and are in support of each other.

Due to the large and growing number of Maronites abroad, the Missionaries have established a volunteer program, where volunteers from all age groups take part in various ongoing and annual projects and activities.

In addition to the Missionaries' strong commitment towards working with the community in their own context of life, they provide support and assistance at all levels for parishioners in their domestic settings.